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  Cut & Run/Plasmapool/IBreaks Bass
Breakbeat Pioniere MKM & GBX erstmals auf Europa Stopp

Für Ende August präsentieren wir kurzfristig ein besonderes Schmeckerchen aus der brasilianischen Hauptstadt.
MKM & GBX gastieren zwischen dem 17. und 26. August in Europa und stehen für DJ Performance zur Verfügung. Veranstalter hierzulande haben also die Möglichkeit als erstes in den Genuss zu kommen diesen außergewöhnlichen Act ihrem Publikum zu präsentieren. MKM & GBX gelten in Brasilien als Topstars der Breakbeat Szene. Ihre Tracks kommen etwa auf Cut & Run, werden unter anderem von The Prodigy geremixt und etwa von den Freestylers und Hardy Hard supportet. In Europa haben die Beiden bisher etwa auf Miles Dysons Plasmapool releast. Anfragen für Europa nimmt Spacelounge exklusiv entgegen. Gagen werden individuell verhandelt.

Terminmöglichkeiten Deutschland Gigs
17. bis 26. August 2008

››› Link to MKM & GBX' MySpace for New Releases


- Cut and Run Crew – Funk Shit / Get Jiggy
(Crisp Biscuit)
- Cut and Run Crew - Song 3 / Gol 2006
(Crisp Biscuit)
- DJ Bella – Baby Baby Baby (MKM & GBX
rmx) (Digital records)
- MKM & GBX - Hold it Down (TRANS:VERSE)
- MKM & GBX - Hold it Down - Guetto Blaster
Mixed by DJ Bella (Digital records)
- MKM & GBX – Arachnophobia / Guerrilla
Warfare (Guerrilla Tactics UK)
- MKM – Monsters (Unstable)
- MKM – Mad Carnival (WestWay)


Marcus and Glauber aka MKM and GBX are pioneer producers in Brazilian Breaks scene, they
reached top players with releases at Unstable, Transverse, Cut and Run, Westway and some
others labels. Their productions and the vibey sets made them the hottest thing ever to come on Brazilian Breaks scene.

Currently working with Brazilian Rapper XIS in Brazil and being requested for remixes by lots of labels , they also had launched the bootleg remix of prodigy – funky shit, another great release at Cut and Run Label, this one had sold out in just one week on some 12” shops following the success of the first big release on this label, Song 3 / Goal

Supported by Freestylers, Pendulum, Annie Nightingale (BBC), Jay Cunning (Kiss FM), Carl
Loben (DJ Mag), Deekline, Miles Dyson, Ollywood, Ed209, Ctrl Z, ScrewFace, D-Ranged, Breakfastaz, Baitercell and Schumacker, NAPT, Mechanoise, Far Too Loud, Mars, iBreaks, ,
Drumagick, Nedu Lopes, Cybass, and many more...

The Sound of MKM & GBX is actually based in booty, tech-funk and electro breaks with some
fresh tear out bouncy bass lines; They are always pushing the dancefloor vibes with many different kinds of musical influences what makes their shows a great mix of the best in breaks "Known as MKM and GBX they are building a interesting story.” "They have received praises from DJs as Pendulum, Jay Cunning, Freestylers, Annie Nightgale and Carl Loben, editor of English DJ MAG.”
Brazilian DJ MAG “They believed that two young Brazilians could impose respect in a rising musical scene. And it happened.” Beatz Magazine

DJ mixes and more info on request exclusive for europe through Spacelounge.


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